artist, composer, producer, performer, designer, researcher and aggregation from UK

Statement - 2018

My work is a processing of my physical and geopolitical environment; often taking as a starting point local interfaces of non-human ecologies and anthropogenic structuring, it aims to illuminate these interfaces through assembled media.
I am strongly motivated by the troublingly common reiteration of nature/culture binaries (and their manifold reverberations) on Earth and wish to act in a manner which troubles these.


MFA Fine Art at Goldsmiths College, UOL (2017 - )
BA (Hons) Interactive Arts at Manchester Metropolitan University (2014 - 2017)
BA Fine Art, Kunst –og designhøgskolan i Bergen (Spring Semester, 2016)


Selected Exhibitions & Performances
(Beneath the) Haustoria Thallus Tent - Safehouse 2, Peckham, UK for Make It Hot, Cool It Down, Turn It Over - curated by TopSoil
BB ActiveWyrm - as Yem Gel at; The Glove That Fits, Hackney, UK for Sonic Topologies
Suite for Resurgent Microflora & Lichen Tecton - Jupiter Woods, London, UK for Conditions for Ongoingness//1.2 The Gathering
Garrulous Hyphae 4.2 – as Yem Gel at; Landmark, Bergen, NO for After School Special
Garrulous Hyphae 3 – as Yem Gel at; DIY Space For London, UK
MugWorld & MugWorkers – Manchester School of Art Graduate Show, Manchester, UK
Mugwork pt. I – Link Gallery, Manchester, UK
WASTE – as Yem Gel at; Unit 5, Salford, UK
live soundtracking performance for Marvin Gaye Chetwynd’s The Elixia App – USF, Bergen, NO
water, space & time : iteration no.2 – Galleri Kronborg, Bergen, NO
water, space & time : iteration no.1 – duets at galleri bokboden – Galleri Bokboden, Bergen, NO
live soundtracking performance for Marvin Gaye Chetwynd ‘s Iron Age Pasta Necklace Workshop – Kunsthall/Landmark, Bergen, NO
rituals from recordings of wrought iron appropriated instruments – Unit E(X)hibition, Federation House, Manchester, UK
ritual 1 from recordings of wrought iron appropriated instruments (for awakening to a city’s resonance) – Out of Place, Holden Gallery, Manchester, UK
physical memory, versions 1, 2 & 3 – Performed as gristed petunia at; Kraak Gallery, Manchester; Night & Day Cafe, Manchester; St Margarets Church, Manchester, UK


Visual Commissions
Cassette/Digital Artwork for Loose Blooms by Dialect (Cass/Digital, Dunes, 2017)
Cassette/Digital Artwork for A End With Yeh by Historically Fucked (Cass/Digital, Heavy Petting, 2017)
Cassette/Digital Artwork for Bilberries and Mushrooms by A R C A D E (Cass/Digital, Bering Strait Archives, 2017)
T-Shirt/Logo Design for Aldous RH
Logo Design for Bernard & Edith
7”/Digital Artwork for Point Of Origin by Temple Songs (7”/Digital, RIP Records, 2014)
T-Shirt/Logo Design for Django Django
Logo Design for SUPER DRAKKAR


Alecs Pierce : Harbour Music (Digital, Tasty Morsels, 2016)
Yem Gel : WASTE IX [pl] (Digital, Self Released, 2016)
sacralDuck Biotic (Digital, Self-Released, 2016)
Obsidian Pond : Deep Ghosts (3”CD, Deathbomb Arc, 2009)
symvols (Cass, C39, Digitalis Limited, 2010)
Artefacts (Cass, C45, Feathered Coyote, 2013)
deidameia (Cass, C45, Jehu & Chinaman, 2013)
Secondary Efflorescence on the Dam of the Robert Moses Niagara Hydroelectric Power Station (Split Cass with Atrocious Neighbour & Komodo Haunts, C60, SicSic Records, 2014)